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Coastal Forest Moustache Wax


Our products are small-batch and seasonal. If you see something you like, best get it now or you might have to wait until this time next year! We're currently in production for the season, new products coming soon... Feel free to make special requests—we'll do what we can!

Coastal Forest Moustache Wax


Coastal Forest Moustache Wax


Our medium-hold moustache wax is perfect for a natural look. Made with Coastal Douglas-Fir resin, wind-felled Usnea & local beeswax, you'll quite literally have the uplifting and anxiety-reducing scent of the forest right under your nose. Douglas-Fir resin is great for warming and drawing things to the skin's surface, making it also great for ingrown hairs—just dot a little on the spot. Usnea is a powerful antimicrobial extending the life of your wax and is an excellent anti-fungal. Beeswax is just all around amazing and wonderful. Thank you, bees. 

To use, just scrape a bit of wax off with our fingernail and warm between your fingers. 


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