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Cordial Wildcrafted Consumables is located on the lush and lovely Vancouver Island. Everything we make is small-batch, made by hand and tested by our kind and patient friends and family. We carefully research our products and harvest our botanicals mindfully and with gratitude. And by gratitude we mean we try to make sure the stuff we take is equal to the love we make. To that end,  we're currently studying stewardship best practices with Master Wildcrafter, Don Elzer.  We're also studying herbalism—half of us with Betty Norton and the other half with Jessy at Fireweed Farm—so that we can eventually incorporate more medicinal and herbal knowledge into what we make. But right now our products are meant to be enjoyed for their culinary properties and for the wonderful stories and history behind the plants we use.

A cautionary word or two about botanicals and wild foods...

FYI, nature is powerful. Excessive consumption of certain botanicals can cause negative reactions. You may want to seek qualified expert advice before consuming wild foods you’re not familiar with. If you’re pregnant, nursing or have food sensitivities— you should probably do your research before you tuck in.

There are things other than my father to be wary of in the woods...

There are things other than my father to be wary of in the woods...