DIY Teeth Whitening Remedies

Beauty trends for skin and hair are always given top priority but when it comes to your teeth it somehow takes a back seat. But the truth is there is no better beauty secret that just having a beautiful pearly white smile. A beautiful smile can instantly brighten up your face and make you look great at any time of the day without any additional paraphernalia. The only thing you need to take care of is to maintain the white color of your teeth. Yellow, stained teeth are not really pleasant to look at. This can be taken care of with a few simple home remedies along with eliminating causes that are making your teeth stained and yellow.

Causes of teeth discoloration

Teeth are covered with a smooth enamel layer that is supposed to be naturally white. As and when this enamel layer wears out the teeth become translucent and expose the inner layer called ‘dentil’ which is yellow in color. This discoloration may occur over a period of time but can get hastened due to certain foods or other habits.

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee

Intake of too much of tea or coffee had a lasting damaging effect on your teeth. The enzymes present in these beverages erode the enamel layer and this apart they also make the teeth vulnerable to cavities and decay.

Sugary foods and drinks

Consumption of sugar in any form is very harmful not only to your body but for your teeth as well. Whenever you eat or drink something sweet, it is advisable to drink a glass of plain water after that and even better is rinse your mouth to remove any sugary particles that may be stuck to the teeth.


One of the worst things to expose your teeth to is smoking. Smoking destroys your teeth to an extent that they cannot be repaired Not only does this habit make your teeth discolored, it also stains to an extent that the stains become permanent and cannot be removed.


DIY ways to get pearly white teeth at home

Before you opt for commercial treatments to get those sparkling white teeth and that dazzling smile, here are a few simple but effective home remedies that you can try out. This is an age-old grandma’s remedy that will bring that instant sparkle to your teeth. All you have to do is rub your teeth nicely with the liquid and the leave it in for a while. Rinse your teeth well. Repeating these steps for a couple of days will definitely give you visible and bright results.

Baking Soda

This is another magical ingredient that does wonders for your teeth. Make a paste of baking soda and water and then apply this onto your teeth with your fingertips. After about a minute brush your teeth as usual. This DIY remedy never fails to work and just after 1 or 2 applications, there is a marked improvement in the color of your teeth


Banana peels

Many people are not aware that banana peels are a powerhouse of nutrients. The peels are very rich in magnesium, manganese and potassium which is very good for recharging teeth enamel. All you need to do is after eating the fruit, rub your teeth with the inside of the banana peel. Leave it on your teeth for sometime and then rinse your mouth. Repeating this simple but effective remedy a couple of times a week can give you excellent results.

Maintaining a healthy oral care routine

Regularly brushing and flossing your teeth can make them stay strong and tough for a long time. Regular brushing and flossing can take of unwanted stains and unnecessary discoloration. If none of these remedies seem to be giving you visible results even after prolonged attempts, then you could try out some really effective teeth whitening products which are guaranteed to give results that show. Pearly Whites is one such global brand which offers some great teeth whitening products. They are one of the most popular brands which are doing very well simply because they use the best quality ingredients in the manufacturing of each and every product that they introduce in the market. Most customers feel extremely comfortable using their products because they have a wide range of over the counter products which can easily use to get that sparkling pearly white smile right in the comfort of their homes and that too without burning a hole in their pockets.